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Mentor ry is a registered student society founded in 1974. Our members are studying in the degree programme of Life Long Learning and Education at the University of Tampere, Finland. Mentor ry aims to fulfill the interests and rights of the members in the University of Tampere. We also keep in contact with the trade union Specia and with other student societies both in Tampere and other cities around Finland. We offer our members lots of activities including sport and culture happenings, different kind of parties and small excursions to see what the educational field has to offer our students in the working life. We warmly welcome all international students of our degree programme to join us in our events! We also organise tutoring for the international students, so you won`t be left alone under any circumstances.

Mentor ry is run by committee members, who are elected every fall for the next year. The contact details of the committee members for year 2018 can be found here. If you have any questions or suggestions of activities, please contact us! You can contact either Amanda Arvela, the person in charge of international affairs (arvela.amanda.k[at] or the whole committee (hallitus.mentor[at] You are also warmly welcome to join our international FB-group ”Edu’s international club”!



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